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Domina Women

There are beautiful Domina Women everywhere. These Domina deserve to be served and obeyed by pathetic men. For thousands of years Domina women have ruled the earth. And for thousands of years men have wanted to serve and obey Domina Women. These days there are more Domina women then ever before. Men all around the world are starting to learn more about serving and obeying these Domina women.

Domina List provides a comprehensive review of the Domina Women lifestyle and the men that serve and obey them.
Domina List also provides both the submissive and Domina a guide to the lifestyle as well as advice.

Dating a Domina Woman
Dating a Domina requires a whole lot of dedication and hard work. The Domina will always decide where to go and what to do. The date will always be about the Domina and what she wants and nothing about you. You will need to always be obedient while on the date and do exactly what the Domina tells you. You will need to serve Her while on the date and she may also enjoy to humiliate you.

Domina Wife
There are some men that are lucky enough to marry a Domina. Being married to a Domina woman is a life time of serving and obeying and living under very strict control. You may serve as a slave husband or a submissive husband and you may even be a cuckold husband to your domina wife. The Domina will train you both before the marriage and during. In effect, training will continue through your life.

slave training
Many Domina women love to train a man to serve as a slave. They may train these men to serve as a part time slave or as a full time slave. Often a slave contract will be involved. Serving as a slave for a Domina is a lot of hard work and dedication. Make sure this is what you want in your life because once you start serving it will be all about what the Domina wants in life.

Strap-On Training
Many Domina are involved in the strap-on training of men. Strap-on training is a great form of domination an an ideal way to keep a slave obedient. Strap-on training is something that is on going and the Domina will increase the size of the strap-on over time.

Sissy Maid Training
Serving as a sissy maid may sometimes be part of serving a Domina woman. Often the Domina woman will dress the male up in a French maids outfit and train him to do the house chores. Any chores that are not done to the satisfaction of the Domina will result in discipline.

Serving and obeying a Domina Woman
There are many submissive men out there who desire to serve and obey a Domina woman. Sometimes they just want to be a slave for the Domina, but at other times they are interested in getting involved in a relationship with the Domina. The problem for many men is that they do not understand what is required to serve and obey a Domina woman. There is a lot of learning involved and that can take years.

Many Domina women love to humiliate submissive men both in private and in public. The humiliation may take on various forms both verbal and physical. The humiliation may be mild or it may be extreme.

Face Slapping
Some Domina like to give a slave a really good face slapping. Sometimes they enjoy to slap his face in private and at other times they slap his face in public. Sometimes the face slapping is mild but at other times the slave may get a really heavy face slapping from the Domina.

Many Domina like to train a submissive man to do forced-bi. So men are happy to learn forced-bi but others not. In the end it does not matter if they want to learn to do forced-bi or not as the Domina will still train them to do it.

Safe Words
Safe Words are used by a submissive as a way to communicate with the Domina. The safe words are used as a way of communicating their emotional or physical state to the Domina. Safe words are a must in all activities between a Domina and a submissive and must be respected at all times. There is no excuse to ignore a safe word. Some safe words are used to immediately Stop the activity while other safe words are used to lower the intensity of the activity. It is important that everyone understands the importance of safe words and at all times a submissive should feel comfortable about using safe words.

This is a term within the BDSM scene to describe a place or state of thought that the submissive may be in during a scene. It is important for the Domina to be aware when a submissive is in subspace making sure they are safe. Subspace is only for the very experienced.

Australia has a large Domina network and many many men and women who are submissives and slaves. You will find the large cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth all have a good Domina scene. Up in Queensland in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast you will find many Domina. Salon Kitty's has located in Sydney is one of the oldest BDSM establishments in Australia and a must for any visiting submissive or slave. They have some of the best equipment in the world. The Correction Centre located in Melbourne offers one of the best Dungeon/BDSM establishments in the world. They have been around a long time and have very experienced, Mistresses, Submissives, and Masters. In Perth you must be sure to visit the Fetish Manor, a multi-room dungeon that offers the best of all elements of fetish and BDSM. Laws regarding BDSM vary from state to state and are very open and accepting of the lifestyle.

Thailand may have the biggest Domina scene in all of Asia. There are so many Thai women that are Dominant and there are a range of Domina clubs across Thailand. Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket all have a strong Domina scene with many clubs. Demonia Fetish and BDSM Club on Sukhumvit, Bangkok is a must to visit for all submissives and slaves.

Many women find that traditional marriages are stifling. Men are supposed to be in control according to society, but why should they be when the woman is the one that runs the household and truly holds the power. This can drive some women mad, and can actually end many marriages as the woman feels powerless and unappreciated despite her effort as the true leader of the house. Some women, however, realize the natural gift they have for leading, the innate ability they posses to be in control and be worshipped as the goddess they are. The women are Dominant women, and if they’re lucky, they can find men that will submit to their will and will let them lead, or they can convince their husbands to let this transition occur. For Dominant Wives, there simply isn’t another way to be truly happy and fulfilled at home.

A Dominant Wife leads her family. She is the one that makes decisions and choices, and she is always the final say. Her husband accepts this role of power, and he defers to her authority at all times. He is also expected to submit to her will, fulfill her needs and desires, and obey her every wish and command. A Dominant Wife is in control of the finances, even if the husband is the main bread winner. She may work outside the home as well, but is not required to. At home, she makes sure the house runs smoothly, dictating chores and responsibilities to everyone in the household. She is also the commander in the bedroom, demanding her needs be met first in the way that pleases her most. A true Dominant Wife will also possess the power to punish and discipline her husband if he is not living up to expectations.

Many husbands are not naturally submissive, but once they experience the full, devastating power of their wives in a position of power, they quickly submit as they watch their wives truly flourish. These men typically find that once they submit, they enjoy the sensation of being put in their places and crave increasingly more submissive activities. A Dominant Wife is a true force to be reckoned with, and submissive husbands realize that their wives are truly goddesses meant to control and lead.

For Dominant Wives, they find true fulfillment in their ability to control the family and be the master of their family’s destiny. It is not easy, and it requires a lot of work and responsibility to take on this role. But the freedom of being in charge, of being allowed to make the decisions and shoulder that responsibility is what makes most women feel alive and vital. A marriage where a naturally dominant woman is allowed to act as a Dominant Wife is extremely fulfilling, and allows the woman to be her true self in the relationship. Many women can’t imagine any other way to live, and those lucky enough to be in the Dominant Wife role relish in the power and freedom the BDSM community offers them instead of what traditional society dictates.

We’ve all seen the images of a powerful woman, whip in hand, punishing her lowly male subjects. It’s quintessential BDSM imagery, but one that’s based on the actual lifestyle of the Domina, one of the most popular and most provocative roles in the community. Many people would assume that a good Domina is simply a powerful woman that has a thing for making men suffer, but there’s so much more to the role. A good Domina is everything from a leader to a protector to a nurturer, and these women must have very special and distinctive personalities to take on this challenging role. They have to not only know what they want and be bold enough to reach out and grab it, they must also be acutely tuned to the needs of those around them, something that is instinctual. And while a Domina might just be another pretty face with a fetish for kink, the best ones are so much more.

So what makes the best Dominas rise above? What makes these lovely ladies more than just a woman giving orders? And how do you know when you’ve found one of the truly great ones?

A Domina can be many things, but she certainly cannot be timid. Men that seek out domination fetish play or a Dom and sub relationship don’t want a woman who is meek, quiet, shy, or otherwise submissive, they want that bold,bossy woman that will demand, in no uncertain terms, exactly what she wants and exactly how she is going to get it. Now that doesn’t mean that a good Domina can’t be shy in her day to day life, but when it’s time to put on the corset and spend time with her subs, she must be bold, brash, and ready to take charge.

Boldness also means that she isn't afraid to make demands or ask for what she wants. And this is something that distinguishes Dominas from average women. Most average women do know what they want. They know exactly what they want. And they know how to get it. But they are too afraid or too shy to go out and get it. They’re afraid of what others think, or that they might hurt someone’s feelings, or that it’s too unattainable. But a good Domina knows that what she wants is of the utmost importance, and she is not afraid to do what it takes to get it. She will boldly demand that life meets her needs, and while she may have to step on some toes or endure some sidelong glances along the way, she’s not afraid to keep moving forward.

This may seem obvious, but a good Domina knows how to utilize her own unique and natural powers of seduction to get what she wants. It may be that she wears just the right outfit to compliment her figure, or maybe she knows just how to arch her back to drive men wild. But she is conscious of her seductive powers. She has practiced them. And she knows how to use them to drive men wild.

Again this is where a great Domina differs from an average one, or even from a typical woman. Every woman knows her own seductive powers. She’s analyzed her own look, her own personality, and she knows what is sexy and what isn’t. But many women are too afraid to use what they’ve got, to be proud of it, and to show it off in a way that is overtly sexual and overtly powerful, even though they should. A great Domina has this down to a science, and she not only takes great pride in her seductive gifts, she knows how to use them to get what she wants, flaunting her sexiness and making it a part of who she is.

Not many people would consider a Domina’s role nurturing, not when wielding a whip or handcuffs, but her role in dominating men actually requires a lot of empathy, understanding, and caring. She has to get into the minds of her subs, find out what they want and why they want it, and then provide it to them (or withhold it) in a way that helps the subs to better themselves. A lot of people enter Dom and sub play and relationships because they have deep psychological needs or desires that can’t be met through traditional relationships, and sometimes they find healing, acceptance, and a sense of peace when they participate in these situations. A great Domina will find out her sub’s motivations, and she will try to provide that missing element in his life that will allow him to be fully happy and satisfied. Sometimes this requires painful or uncomfortable situations, and only a Domina that can see the bigger picture and can think about how the tough love will help the sub in the long run will truly be great in her role.

So how do you know when you’ve found a great Domina? For most subs, it’s quite instinctual. They simply feel happier and more balanced in her presence. They leave her sessions feeling alive and open, and they notice a change in their entire being. All Dominas can punish you. Any Domina can prescribe sexual pain or kink play or humiliation. But only the Dominas that exude these characteristics of boldness, seduction, and nurturing do these things in a way that let the sub know he is truly being cared for. Her intentions will come across in every action, every word, and the sub will know that even when things are tough, it’s for his own good. He’ll be able to feel that she is doing these painful things, emotionally and physically, not for her gain or benefit, but for his. And he will be inexplicably drawn to her like a moth to the light.

There are many types and styles of great Dominas, and a great Domina can be many things. But she will always be bold, seductive, and nurturing. And once you’ve found her, don’t let her out of your sight!

For many men, there is nothing more alluring, more attractive than a Dominant woman. And it’s not only submissive men that desire a powerfully evocative experience of servitude, regular men in regular vanilla relationships are also drawn to these powerful women. Nearly every man has experienced at least a passing interest in Domme women, even if they don’t choose to act upon these desires. But what is it about Dominant woman that makes vanilla men intrigued and drives submissive men to great lengths to earn their attention and favor?

Dominant women are a very special breed. They are powerful, seductive, and alluring, but most importantly, they are confident. A Dominant woman is confident in her own power. She knows what she wants, and she knows exactly how to get it. She isn’t afraid to demand that others meet her needs, and she moves through live with conviction. Many men desire this quality in a woman because they themselves are not confident in their own being, and they don’t feel assured that they are on the right path. These men are desperately seeking guidance, and a Dominant woman can give them this guidance by ordering them around and making decisions for them.

Another quality Dommes possess that drive men wild is their compassion. This may seem strange that a woman commonly seen holding a whip and handcuffs is considered compassionate, but most Dommes are actually quite caring and protective of their male subjugates. They don’t dish out punishment or give orders because they are maniacal and addicted to making people suffer, they do it because they know that it is what these men need. Most Dominant women are actually just as in tune to the needs of their subs as they are of their own, and they work very hard to ensure that the subs get exactly what they need, even if it causes them pain. This level of compassion and devotion is something that most men desperately desire, and they crave the attention that Dommes can give them, even if it is painful at times.

Men are also drawn to the uniquely feminine traits that most Dommes possess, and their ability to fully accept their roles as the more intelligent and superior. Deep down, most men recognize that women truly are superior. That’s why women are so often suppressed in cultures around the world. Men in power fear the true power of women and know they must do something to keep their power under control lest they lose it forever. Worshipping or even just fantasizing about a Domme allows men to live out their true beliefs that state women are the better. It is doubly powerful because these women recognize this superiority themselves, and both parties can take on their true roles, even if only for a short play session.

There are many reasons a man might turn to a Dominant woman, and no two men have exactly the same reasons. But for most men, the Domme’s confidence, compassion, and recognition of superiority make her a powerful character, someone that men want to follow and please so that they can be near. Her acceptance of her own inherent power makes her desirable, and men want to be close to women that know who they are and what they want. Not all men may become slaves or experience BDSM play, but every man will at some point in their lives recognize and even fantasize about the powerful Domme as these qualities are simply irresistible.

Total Power Exchange Relationships
There are many types of Dominant and submissive relationships. Some that last a few hours, some that last a lifetime. Some where partners share power or make decisions together and some where one party has most of the control. But for the Total Power Exchange Relationship, the commitment is extreme with one person giving absolute, unconditional control to the other. And while this arrangement can in some cases just be for a few hours for a special “play” session, many Total Power Exchange couples are committed for life. For a Total Power Exchange Relationship to work, both people must consensually and voluntarily enter into the arrangement, agreeing to the Master and Slave roles. Once this agreement is made, the Dominant makes all the decisions for the Submissive. This includes financial decisions, where to live, what schedule to follow, who to interact with and any other aspects of life that the Dominant chooses to manage, not just their sexual interactions as many outsiders may think. Most couples find that micromanaging daily activities such as eating or sleeping is too much work and too extreme, although if the Mistress chooses to regulate even these most basic of functions, it helps to create a better relationship for both. The submissive only has those rights which are granted by the Mistress, and must follow all rules set for them absolutely. That is why this arrangement is sometimes referred to as “Consensual Slavery.” The slave is often collared to signify this role. The submissive does not even have the right to leave the relationship, and would be brought back by the Dominant if they somehow managed to escape. This is an completely binding agreement. And while it may sound like something that would make most people bristle, for the people involved in this type of relationship, they often relish their roles and truly thrive within the confines of such a relationship. For the Submissive it can be a very freeing experience, getting rid of the burdens of having to make decisions and take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. They can simply follow the steps provided for them, knowing that their path is set. This requires a tremendous amount of trust, discipline and effort on the part of the Dominant well before the agreement is made to enter into this relationship. The submissive must fully trust the Dominant with their life to be able to fully give up all control. It is not easy for the Dominant either, as taking responsibility of another person’s entire life carries a lot of burdens. But typically a Mistress will feel the rush of this power and crave it. Another aspect of this relationship that submissives find appealing is in having their limits pushed. This applies in all aspects of life, but especially in the bedroom. In a Total Power Exchange Relationship there are no “safe” words or boundaries that the Dominant cannot cross. This is a thrill for many slaves as the Mistress will push them past what they thought was their limit, freeing them to reach new places they never dreamed of. Again this only works when there is trust that the Mistress has the best interests of the submissive at heart and knows when to push and when to hold back. For most Total Power Exchange couples, despite the Mistress having total control, they still love and take into account the slave’s boundaries and while they enjoy pushing the limits, they also understand the power they hold and the responsibility of having that power. Every Total Power Exchange Relationship couple is different and will handle the specific details of daily life differently. But there is always power held absolutely and irrevocably by the Dominant over the slave, which both parties enjoy. Both people crave being either Dominant or submissive, and it is what drives people to enter into these types of alternative, consensual relationships.
Female Strict Disciplinarian

Why men need to be disciplined by a Woman
All men are in need of training on how they must serve and obey a strict Woman. Training of the submissive male takes many forms. Discipline is often an important part of the training. Most Dominant Women are experts when it comes to administering discipline on a male. Just what form of discipline is used will depend upon the Female Disciplinarian. Discipline may be verbal or physical such as a whipping or a spanking. The level of discipline will depend upon the mistake of the male. Many Women move fast when it comes to giving a submissive male discipline for even the smallest of mistakes. If you let a man get away with one thing then he will only get worse. Much better to discipline on everything so the man learns the importance of being obedient.

Novice Disciplinarian
Women who are starting out as a Disciplinarian have a lot to learn. Within BDSM circles they are sometimes referred to as a novice Disciplinarian. This is because there is so much to learn in becoming a fully qualified Disciplinarian that it may takes years. For a Disciplinarian there is much to learn about safewords, dungeon etiquette, submissives, and more. Often a novice Disciplinarian will be guided by a more experienced Dominatrix who will guide and advice Her on many different things that She needs learn. For a Disciplinarian it may not just be a case of learning to deal with a submissive but also dealing with a switch or another dominant or a BDSM group. If the Disciplinarian is going to offer Professional services then there will be even more to learn. There is a range of fantasies and fetish out there and a Disciplinarian may wish to learn about them all, but specialize in only a few. Practicing safe, sane and consensual is an important part of being a Disciplinarian. What a novice Disciplinarian will find is there are many people out there that will welcome Her into the lifestyle and are ready to offer help and advice. A novice needs to be open to learn and listen from those with many years of experience but still develop Her own way.

Male Sissy Maid

Male Feminization
The feminization of a male is something that often takes place under the guidance of a Dominatrix. Sometimes the submissive male may request to be feminized or at other times it may be the want of the Dominatrix. Feminization is a long term process that can take many years to accomplish. Much will depend on how keen the submissive is and on the training skills of the Dominatrix. Feminization may take place within the confines of a session with a Dominatrix or it may lead to public outings. For submissive men it may become a lifestyle. Orgasm control and denial is often an important part of feminization. The Dominatrix may also use a strapon as part of sexual training of the submissive. Often the Dominatrix will assign a new female name to the submissive as part of the feminization process. The name is usually the choice of the Dominatrix and is often done without consulting the submissive. The male will be required to dress in feminine attire, walk, talk and act like a woman. Sometimes the feminized male will be made to date other men. Clothing will usually take on a style that will fit the body shape and age of the submissive male. Hair style and makeup is also another important part of feminization. The male submissive should learn to be guided by the Dominatrix in the best ways of feminization. Many Dominatrix enjoy cross dressing a submissive. For most male submissives they know almost nothing about cross dressing so it is important for them to learn from a Dominatrix. The most important thing for those men who are interested in cross dressing is be true to yourself. Freedom is to be who you want to be. An experienced Dominatrix can show you the correct way of fulfilling your needs. For many cross dressing starts out as a fantasy, but in actual fact it is the start of something more. It is an an expression of you true self. Being good at cross dressing takes a lot of time and commitment. You need to pay attention to the small details. One important lesson of a cross dresser is to stand up straight. slouching forward is a mans thing. Women do not slouch. So it is important to stand straight and sit straight. Study how feminine women stand and sit and you will learn. Practice your walk. Make sure to keep your legs close together while walking on a straight line with your feet. Makeup is an important part of cross dressing and many say the hardest. It is a good idea to buy a few books and videos on makeup and spend plenty of time and practice on this.

Discipline, corporal punishment, spanking and whipping are all integral, iconic fundamentals of the BDSM lifestyle. For Dominant women and their submissive men, the use of discipline is the fabric of the foundation of their relationship, bringing them closer together and allowing them a greater sense of trust, understanding and love. But what is it about discipline that brings out this reaction in Sub/Dom relationships, especially when the woman is the Dominant? Why do women love to administer discipline, and why do the submissive men they’re with want to be dominated so desperately?

For Dominant women, discipline is a way of exerting control over their submissive. It feeds into their desire for complete control in the relationship, and they find great pleasure in delivering orders and having them followed perfectly, even if they are causing the submissive physical or emotional pain. Discipline is a way for them to test their strength as a leader and a tyrant, and prove their complete control. Physical discipline can have the added bonus of allowing them to experience this control in a visceral way that deeply pleases dominant natures. Discipline is also an excellent training method, and many Dominants find great pleasure in using discipline to achieve the results they desire from their submissive. They may not enjoy the actual act of disciplining, but the results of having a well trained, happy and ultimately obedient submissive are well worth the effort. In addition, many Dominant women in particular are extremely empathetic and compassionate in regards to their submissive male’s needs. They want him to be happy, and they want to give him what he desires, despite being in control and being able to deny them that. This empathetic nature is what makes women such great Dominant partners. When it comes to discipline, they can sense that this is what their submissive male wants, what he craves, and so they offer discipline as part of a trusting, happy Sub/Dom partnership, and one that ultimately results in their own happiness as their submissive becomes more obedient and able to please her needs and desires.

Submissive males deeply desire the loss of control and responsibility that comes with their role. They want rules and limits, and consequences for not abiding by those rules, to define their lives so that they can comfortably fit into their place. The accountability that comes from strict discipline from a Dominant female feeds into their nature of wanting to let go and let others take control, and submissive males find great pleasure and peace in discipline. It makes them obedient, and gives them a reason to become more obedient, more perfectly capable of pleasing their Mistress. Many submissive men also feel some level of shame and guilt in their sexual and emotional desires to be submissive to a woman, and the regimen of discipline is an outlet for these feelings, giving them release. Discipline can also be highly pleasurable for submissive men, and the anticipation of being disciplined can create sexual arousal and erotic excitement. Overall, discipline is a way for them to viscerally feel their place at the bottom of the relationship, and allow them the joy and peace that comes with letting go, trusting their Mistress, and being free of responsibility.

Whether used for strict training or just as part of a daily regimen, discipline can keep a Dominant woman in power and a submissive man in his place, reinforcing their roles and allowing them to fully trust, love and honor each other in the roles they have chosen. Discipline is more of a positive force than something negative, and the feelings of trust and contentment it brings to both parties allows for a healthier, happier Sub/Dom relationship.

Power Control Relationship
For many people outside the BDSM community, a Power Control Relationship, an arrangement where one partner (the woman) has all the control over the other, submissive partner (the man), seems odd. Traditional couples will tell you that this sounds contrived. Yet in most traditional, non-BDSM couples, one partner controls and dominates the relationship while the other follows. And many times the leader is the woman, whether the man admits that to his buddies or not. It’s a natural arrangement that works for many people, and women leading their households makes things run smoothly and effortlessly. The only difference between Power Control couples and traditional, non-BDSM couples is that the latter isn’t a formalized agreement, and couples come to accept their roles gradually. But for those who are formally willing to accept that a woman running the house in the natural order, a Power Control Relationship can be the ticket to a happy couple.

A Power Control Relationship consists of a formal agreement between consenting adults. The adults agree, often in writing, that the woman will be the head of the house. She will control not only her own destiny, but the path of the entire family. Whatever she says goes, and her rules, orders and requests are to be obeyed at all costs. But she isn’t doing this just for her own love of power, although women in Power Control Relationships are naturally dominant women. She is doing is this because she knows that she can steer the entire family in the right direction. Her skills, knowledge and expertise allow her to run a smooth ship and ensure that there is happiness and harmony in the home. Her natural feminine talents and powerful leadership skills allow for things to get done correctly and for everyone in the household to thrive.

So what’s in it for the submissive men? Submissive men in Power Control Relationships recognize the dominant traits of women and want to follow their leads. They love the freedom that comes from the lack of responsibility, and they find that following is often more acceptable and more comfortable than steering the relationship themselves. Even for powerful men that have high profile jobs and natural leadership traits, being able to come home and take the submissive role can be a huge relief. Many submissive men also recognize the extraordinary gifts of their powerful, dominant wives and want to allow her the platform to rule. They want to worship her and celebrate her inner goddess, and allowing her to lead while they simply do as she commands is a source of pride. Power Control Relationships where the woman is in command are a great arrangement for dominant women and submissive men to formally accept their chosen roles together while also moving their relationship forward. Giving total control to the woman is a way to allow her to use her leadership skills fully, and it gives submissive men the permission they need to fully worship her as a goddess and follow the path she sets. This arrangement requires a great deal of trust, love and discipline, but Power Control Relationships can bring great joy and harmony to couples that choose to live this way.

Training Dominant Men To Be Submissive
In a Female Dominated Relationship, the woman is the one that steps up to the plate and leads the relationship. She will make all the decisions for the couple, and will direct the man’s actions in a way that allow her to be the boss. For most of these couples the transition into a formal Female Dominated Relationship arrangement is easy. The woman is the naturally Dominant person and the man is naturally submissive, and each craves to extend their roles further to make the Female Dominated Relationship work. But for some couples, the man isn’t naturally submissive. When a Dominant woman is attempting to train a Dominant man to become the submissive one for the purposes of a Female Dominated Relationship, problems not seen with naturally submissive men can arise unless great care is taken to ensure the transition into submission runs smoothly.

First off, a Female Dominated Relationship must be entered into with consent. No Dominant male that wishes to remain in control of his relationship should be forced to relinquish his power. It must be completely his decision, and it should be a decision that he has the chance to make on his own, away from any pressures or ultimatums from the Dominant woman.

However, becoming a submissive man can be a huge positive, and he needs to understand that it will allow him to become the perfect match for his Dominant woman. Even though he may be losing some elements of control in his own life, the trust and security he will gain back as part of a strong, loving couple will be worth it. Once he makes this decision, a formal written agreement should be drafted, complete with boundaries, limits, and a plan to end the Female Dominated Relationship should the challenge be too great for him. Having a ceremony to acknowledge the change in roles can also help him to accept the new lifestyle he’s about to enter into, and it can be a great starting point for training.

When training Dominant men to become submissive, things need to be done slightly differently than with naturally submissive men to ensure the training teaches and molds him into a loving, obedient servant without creating resentment and anger. Establishing a list of things that he should learn, and discussing why each is important to the relationship is the key. It’s also important to keep him motivated in the training, so offering rewards for jobs well done, or establishing goals and rewarding him when he reaches those goals can really keep the formerly Dominant male on track. The Dominant woman must also stress at every step in the training that letting her lead and having him meet her needs leads to a better overall relationship, and that it’s what’s best for the couple as a whole.

While every Dominant man is different and training must proceed according to their personal differences, however one key factor to consider when training Dominant men is that they do not naturally crave submission, and they don’t naturally understand the joy that can come from losing control. You’ll have to firmly and sometimes harshly get him to the point where he finally lets go, closes out all of his bad habits, and learns to do what the woman wants first before his own needs are met, before he fully understands the benefits of a Female Dominated Relationship. This can be hard, and training needs to be rigorous and all­encompassing to bring him to this point, and the Dominant woman must be fully in control, and cannot waver in her dominance. But if she stays strong and he allows himself to give in to the training, the Female Dominated Relationship couple will find a stronger bond on the other side, and the Dominant man will find that he actually has more confidence, more control, and more happiness when he finally learns to submit.

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